Counselling for Adults & Teens


To create a safe and supportive space for reflection, healing, and growth.


Everyone deserves to be validated and seen.


To support and empower you in your journey.


Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Therapy isn’t about fixing what is wrong with you, it is about understanding what is there. 

Individual Counselling
Whether it be anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma, or other areas of concern, I can help.

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Couples Counselling
It can have a huge impact on our lives when our intimate relationships are out of sync. We use the Gottman approach and Emotion Focused Therapy to help bring understanding, growth and healing to these relationships.

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Parenting / Caregiver Support
Parenting/Caregiving can be an incredibly challenging job and can take a huge toll on us. When our children are struggling with big emotions that come out as inappropriate behaviours, as caregivers we can actually be the best therapists for our own children as we are the ones with the attachment relationship with the child.

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Teens & Family Therapy
As teens, sometimes we just need a safe adult to talk to who is not our parent/caregiver. We need help processing what we are thinking and feeling. That makes sense.

Work with adolescent clients can be done primarily on an individual basis if desired and when appropriate but I also highly recommend a family approach, working with the teen and their parents together as a family unit.

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Trauma Therapy
When we think of trauma we often think of PTSD but there is so much more to it than that. In fact, we can have significant and ‘traumatizing’ events happen to us but with the right supports we don’t have to be traumatized at all.

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People Centred

Supporting teens (13 – 18 years) and adults (18+), individuals and couples, families of all types. 

Counselling Formats

Much of the counselling process can be done through secure video or phone formats. In-person can be an option and will be necessary for some trauma work. 


Fees range from $220/hour and many insurance packages cover counselling services. Payments by e-transfer, VISA & MasterCard accepted.  See FAQs for more information.

Vicki Park, MA, Provisional Psychologist

It takes a lot of courage to reach out for support to process experiences, thoughts and emotions and I am honoured to walk through this portion of your journey with you. I believe in a strength-based approach based on cients’ values and goals.