Couples Counselling

We take our vehicles in for regular tune-ups and we see our doctor for annual check-ups. Why would we not do the same with our relationships? 

Relationships can build us up and at the same time, they can be messy and a lot of work. We enter them with hopes and dreams and sometimes life gets in the way. Whether you want to bring your relationship in for a tune-up or want to work on repairs, I am happy to support you in this process. 

Primary Approach Used

Gottman Approach

This approach to couples therapy integrates a thorough assessment process with research based interventions to build the strengths within the relationship as well as teach and support effective conflict resolution and communication skills. For more information click here.

Gottman Reltionship Check-Up

In order to guide the therapeutic process, couples are encouraged to complete the online Relationship Check-up to identify areas of strength within the relationship, and areas for growth. The fee for this service is $39USD paid directly to the Gottman Institute. For more information click here.